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Do you know if you are swimming in germs? To maintain good pool hygiene is not just a form of enjoyment, it is also a necessity so that your loved ones family and friends can be in good health too. It’s easy to do, just leave it to my team, I have personally checked each pool for quality. At Grace Pool, we are committed to serving you with sincerity, professionalism and integrity.

Words from our founder

“Pool maintenance may look simple, but behind the scenes it is hard work. Years of experience is needed to understand chemical balances, systems and filtrations, while adhering to government regulations. For all these matters, we hold our team to a high standard of excellence.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers beautiful pools, ponds and water features that they can enjoy with their loved ones, families and friends."

— Dickson Yew, Grace Pool


pools cleaned
ponds maintained
condos serviced
projects done
$1 Million

Pictures of pool project just completed.

Just Cleaned! Residencies@Evelyn


Dickson and his team are really dedicated and professional! They take great pride in their work and it shows, in the results. Thumbs up!

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Serving our customers with sincerity, honesty and integrity

Our Story

The founder of Grace Pool Services started out as an apprentice in a company which did swimming pool maintenance. Riding a motorbike to his company customers’ premises, he would fix swimming pools and ponds, dreaming that one day, he too could own his own company and serve even more customers. After ten years, that day came, and he setup his own company. Grace Pool Services was born.

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